Dear Holy Name Families and Friends,

I hope that all of you are doing well. This afternoon, Governor Whitmer issued an executive order which I have attached for you to read. The school closures have been extended through April 12th. With all the additional time off, if (BIG IF) we can open on Easter Monday, April 13th we will do so, even though we previously were scheduled to take that day off.

The State of Michigan also stated last Friday that e-learning would not count towards the mandated days required for students to be in school. This is a little different for us as a non-public school. We are able to count at home/e-learning towards our days. This is something that we started when the closure happened and are considering for the remaining time we are closed. I have started to ask teachers to begin preparing for this option. We are going to seek as many avenues to connect with your students starting the week of April 6th. Some teachers have already created class Facebook pages, and google classrooms.

Please be patient with us as we figure this out. This is new for most of my staff. It is also a challenge being that we cannot meet together and trouble shoot any issues or learn together.

These school closure decisions remain out of our control and I appreciate your patience as we tread through these unprecedented current circumstances. We miss your children immensely and can’t wait to get back to school soon.

I’ve included a letter from our Superintendent, Mark Salisbury. This situation keeps on changing daily so I will continue to communicate on a regular basis as needed. Please continue to make the best of this situation and enjoy this time with your family. All of you remain in my daily prayers. Thank you for your patience and support during this time. Let us grow in trust in the Lord during this time, knowing that He is still in control.

Yours in Christ,

Joe Carlson

-> Governor Whitmer Executive Order File

-> Mark Salisbury, Superintendent, Diocese of Marquette Statement