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Supporting Holy Name…

Thank you for your tremendous support and willingness to help our fantastic school, and it’s mission.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Michelle Bink.

  • Every year we determine a need for our annual drive which begins in the Fall and ends with the closing of the fiscal year which is June 30th.  This year we are raising funds for ceilings and lights in classrooms and offices.
  • Our students need your financial gift to continue an academically rigorous, joyfully catholic formation throughout high school. Thank you for your support.
    • HN Supporter - up to $1000
    • Crusader Green - $1000 - $19,999
    • Crusader White - $20,000-$49,999
    • Major Crusader - $50,000-$999,999
    • Crusader Legacy - $1,000,000 +
    *All donors will be forever recognized based on level of support
  • A great way to recognize a loved one either in honor or memory of on any date. Cost is $100.00 and it will be advertised in supporting parishes bulletins, Facebook, on the walls of the interior of the school and weekly communications to the staff and families of Holy Name.
  • In the fall of 2017 we replaced the lockers that have been in place since 1953. It is a wonderful way for you to leave your legacy or mark. You can name a locker(s) for yourself, business, your family, or in memory of someone dear to you for only $200.00 per locker.
  • A permanent endowment that supports families in need of a scholarship. This endowment uses a percentage of the corpus each year to determine the amount available to distribute. This endowment provides the majority of the scholarships for the year.
  • A permanent endowment that supports the capital improvements the school needs. Recent improvements include, bathrooms, roof, new water lines, Charlie Cretens gymnasium floor, multi-purpose room, carpet in entry ways, cabinets in classrooms.