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School Profile

Holy Name Catholic School
409 South 22nd Street
Escanaba MI 49829

Phone: (906) 786-7550
Fax: (906) 786-7582

Email: office@holynamecrusaders.com
School Website: www.holynamecrusaders.com
High School Website: www.nowisthetimehnhs.com
Facebook: facebook.com/holynamecrusaders #hncscrusaders
Instagram: instagram.com/holynamecrusaders
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/holy-name-catholic-school-escanaba-mi

  • The school provides a three day-half day (Tuesday-Thursday) and a five full-day preschool program serving three and four-year olds, plus full-day readiness kindergarten, full-day kindergarten, and first through eighth grades.
  • Holy Name Catholic School is currently in the midst of a Capital Campaign to re-open Holy Name Catholic High School for Grades 9 — 12.
  • The 2019/20 school year enrollment is 337 who come from 186 households. The student]teacher ratio is approximately 1 4:1. The school serves the greater Delta County area.
  • The cost to educate a child at Holy Name for the 2020/21 school year is $7,144.00. However, through the generous support of the supporting parishes, the Diocese of Marquette and 3rd source fundraising, we are able to charge $2,975 for the first Catholic child.
  • Holy Name Catholic School is supported by four area Catholic parishes that provide direct financial subsidies as a portion of the total school revenues. These parishes are St. Anne, St. Anthony, St. Thomas, and St. Joseph & St. Patrick.
  • The school has been continuously accredited by the Michigan Non-public Schools Accrediting Association since 1992.
  • Holy Name Catholic School emphasizes a family atmosphere. The four religious dimensions that include the gospel message, Christian service, liturgy and prayer, and Christian community.
  • In addition to the core curriculum areas of religion, reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, the curriculum includes physical education, computer education, art, and library for all levels; elementary vocal music first through grade 5, middle school band and orchestra through the public schools, along with Latin class for grades 3 through 8.
  • Under the leadership and unity with all of the schools in the Diocese of Marquette, Holy Name Catholic School is transitioning to a classical education model. This curriculum is seen with the lens of seeking the “Truth, Goodness and Beauty.” A classical education seeks to fulfill each of these precepts. The study of Theology, as well as, Church teaching will further inform students of Christ’s truths. Armed with the truth, students can explore history, philosophy and literature with an eye towards what is good. Through music, sciences, drama and the arts, students will then embark on a quest to what is truly beautiful. Each tenant fulfills the others. In addition, a classical education seeks to inform and call out a student’s whole mind, without compromising the truth, something other schools simply cannot do.
  • Our extracurricular activities include the Virtue in Practice, accelerated reading, Lego Club, Science Olympiad, Cru$aver Credit Union, drama productions, football, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, track and field and chess club.
  • The school programs are housed in one facility that includes twenty-three classrooms, chapel, library/media center, full size gymnasium, and multipurpose room/cafeteria with stage, computer lab, modern science lab, art room, music room, and an outdoor classroom.
  • The school staff includes a principal, twenty teachers, religious education coordinator, alumni/development director, athletic director, library manager, office personnel, one financial coordinator, a Scrip coordinator, maintenance-custodians, and a cook. There are eight aides in preschool through kindergarten grades as well as multiple lunchroom/recess monitors. We have the services of a student support coordinator, the foster grandparent program, Title I teaching assistants, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, psychologist, social worker, and our local DSISD. We have four itinerant teachers from the public school system who provide art, vocal music, physical education, and computer education. Many volunteers help when and where they are needed.
  • Our governing body is the Holy Name Catholic School Council which falls under the direction of the Bishop and superintendent of the Diocese of Marquette. The council meetings are the third Wednesday of the month and are open to the public.
  • The cooks in our on-campus kitchen prepare many of the entrées fresh each day.
  • Bussing is available through the public schools for children in who are five years of age by September 1 through eighth grade.
  • Students in first through eighth grade wear uniforms. Lower elementary and middle school uniform expectations are listed in the school handbook. Middle school boys and girls wear a white shirt and Holy Name tie on Mass days.
  • Tuition aid for families is provided through the scholarship, endowment fund, tuition angel program, generous donations, Sackerson Foundation, Two Eagles Foundation, and Diocese of Marquette.
  • Our major fundraisers are an annual drive and Spring Fling held each April or May.
  • Our school logo is a caped crusader carrying a shield with five crosses. Each cross represents the five wounds of Christ; school mascot is the Crusader; school colors are Kelly green and white.

It’s more than a school… It’s a way of life!