Scholarship Information

At Holy Name Catholic School, we see every child as a child of God. Our school exists to assist to pass on the gift of our Catholic faith and to assist parents in their role as the primary educators of their children. Our gracious Lord has provided the following scholarships to allow families without the financial means to receive the gift of a Catholic education. If you have any questions about the scholarships available or being able to afford a Catholic education at Holy Name please contact us. The Lord always provides.

If you are reading this and are inspired to contribute to our scholarship program or leave a legacy in your honor. Please contact myself or our development director, Michelle Bink @ 906-786-7550 or at the school to learn about how you can continue to make a difference in a child’s life today and tomorrow.

Below is a list of the scholarships available and a brief description of each one.

Have Faith in Education Again

Felton & Nadon – Is a private scholarship awarding several $500.00 scholarships each year to practicing Catholic students attending Holy Name Catholic School.

Gartland Scholarship – Is a private scholarship made possible by the generosity of Ken and Pat Gartland. This scholarship awards four $500.00 scholarships each year to students attending Holy Name Catholic School that are also practicing members of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church of Wells MI.

Leo and Elizabeth Moreau Scholarship – Is a private scholarship made possible by the generosity of Leo & Elizabeth Moreau. This scholarship awards four $500.00 scholarships each year to students attending Holy Name Catholic School that are also practicing members of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Escanaba, MI.

HNCS Scholarship – This endowment is the largest of the scholarships awarded from the school. This endowment awards between $70,000-$80,000 to assists families in need with their tuition depending on market value. Distributions added annually include the following: Lucille C. Artibee Charitable Trust, Louis J. Kintziger Irrevocable Trust & Walter & Lucille Maves Irrevocable Trust.

The Sackerson Foundation – This foundation was set up by the now deceased Mr. Edward Sackerson. The foundation awards $20,000 in scholarships annually to the school each year to assist families with their tuition expenses.

Tuition Angel Scholarship – This unique account is set up for any benefactor who wishes to donate for those times when situations arise that are beyond a family’s control. Perhaps an illness, loss of job or other unforeseen event that happens.

The Cayen Scholarship – The Cayen Scholarship is a private endowment set up in honor of Jerome Cayen, who attended St. Anne School in Escanaba, Michigan from the class of 1926. The scholarship is also to honor Jerome’s children William, Ann, and Jean Cayen, who attended St. Anne School from 1944-1950. The scholarship is to be funded by one or more donations which Donald Cayen will make in their names. The Scholarship is to be awarded yearly using the income from the endowment principal and to a boy who is entering Holy Name Catholic School for the first time in grades 1-6. This scholarship produces approximately $5,000 a year.

The Cashin Scholarship – The Cashin Scholarship is made up of two $1,500 scholarship awarded annually to a girl and a boy that is a practicing Catholic. This scholarship has been made possible with the generosity of Dr. Patrick and Dr. Ann Cashin (Class of 1961). Recipients of this scholarship are requested to share a little about themselves with Dr. Patrick and Dr. Ann Cashin.

Mose and Leah Theoret Catholic School Tuition Assistance Endowment – Marie Theoret, daughter of Mose and Leah, created the fund to provide financial support to the Holy Name Catholic School in Escanaba and St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Manistique with the purpose of assisting those students with financial need.

Mose and Leah Theoret

Mose and Leah Theoret

Marie Theoret, the oldest of six children of Mose and Leah Theoret, graduated from Escanaba High School in 1941. She received a Masters Degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin and taught at Pulaski High School in Milwaukee for 35 years. She served as English Department Chair at PHS for 25 years.

After her retirement, Marie relocated to Flat Rock, MI to care for her aging mother, Leah. During her nearly 30 years of retirement, she was extremely active in faith formation and evangelization at Holy Family Parish in Flat Rock. Marie served as a weekday lector, evangelization coordinator, and taught CCD. She was also a strong supporter of Holy Name School and St. Francis de Sales School where her nephew Fr. Glenn Theoret was stationed for 12 years.

Mose and Leah, Marie’s parents and Fr. Glenn’s grandparents, owned and operated a general merchandise store in the community of Flat Rock, located between Escanaba and Gladstone. Leah also taught for several years at Naden School, a one-room schoolhouse in Flat Rock. Mose and Leah were founding life-long members of Holy Family Parish in Flat Rock. Catholic faith and education were values that they held with high regard throughout their lives.

To keep the memory of her beloved parents and their strong values of Catholic education alive, Marie wished to establish a tuition assistance fund in their name to help make Catholic School education affordable for all families who want sound Catholic foundations for their children.

Catherine ‘Katie’ M. Van Donsel Annual Scholarship in Memory of Harry & Margaret Van Donsel – Katie was a lifelong resident of Gladstone, Michigan and passed away on April 6, 2020 at the age of 92, and was a member of All Saints Catholic Church in Gladstone, Michigan. Katie set up an annual scholarship for a Holy Name Catholic School student(s) to be distributed annually in memory of her parents, Harry & Margaret Van Donsel.

Dale Richer 57, Renee Richer '86 & Camille Richer '26

Dale Richer ’58, Renee Richer ’86 & Camille Richer ’26

Dale Richer Memorial Scholarship – Generations of Richer’s have attend Holy Name Catholic School (and St. Joseph’s) and continue to support their mission of excellence in education and sharing the love of Christ.  Dale Richer, 1958, was committed to his Catholic community.  The Dale Richer Memorial Scholarship provides tuition assistance to all Holy Family Catholic Church members who attend Holy Name Catholic School, regardless of need.