Dear Family,
I pray that all of you are doing well. I have one new positive COVID-19 case to report today. It was a second grader in Mrs. Racicot’s class. This student and their siblings were considered a close contact of their parent who tested positive this past Monday morning. The students were only in school about an hour before we received the call that their parent tested positive.
None of the students were showing symptoms at that time. Our second grade student started showing symptoms last night and was tested this morning and received the positive COVID test today as well. The health department looks back 48 hours prior to symptoms starting for any close contacts. Monday morning would have been just outside this timeframe, however as a precaution, we still completed the contact tracing. Due to the fact that the students are separated by 6ft in the classroom we do not have to send any additional classmates home to be quarantined. Please pray for a speedy recovery for the members of this family.
Today, we celebrate the feast day of St. John Paul II. He only passed away 15 years ago in 2005. I actually had the great privilege of seeing St. John Paul II in 2002 in Toronto at World Youth Day. He was quite old at the time, but I remember that he had such a strong love and enthusiasm for the youth of the world. I know that he still does!
JP II we love you!
God bless,