Dear Holy Name Families, Faculty and Staff,

Late Thursday evening our governor made the decision to close all schools in the State of Michigan for the next three weeks beginning on Monday, March 16th and returning on Monday, April 6th in an effort to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus. This decision also includes all private schools. We have no choice in the matter and will also be closing.

This decision is being made with the health and safety of your children, and our staff in mind. I can only imagine the inconvenience that this will cause among some of our families. We will continue to do our best to communicate any updates we receive from the State, our local ISD and Health department. All of us are bit outside our comfort zones and trying to make the best decisions possible with the limited information and history of this virus. The priority right now is to keep everyone as safe as possible.

In an effort to continue the learning for our students I briefly met with my teachers this morning and we have decided to assign a limited amount of work over the next few weeks. Teachers will be communicating this to families today.

I also encourage you to take care of each other. Enjoy this gift of extra time you have with your children. They grow up so quickly! Let us try to make the best of this situation. Enjoy family dinners together because there will not be any after school activities or the pressures of additional homework. Take time to pray a Rosary together in the evening. Watch a good wholesome family movie or Christian film that is uplifting during this time of Lent. Go for a family hike in the afternoon and appreciate God’s creation. Read a good book. Don’t waste this time, take advantage if it! This has never happened before in our state’s history and may never happen again. God can use all things for good.

As Crusaders, lets do just that. Let us turn this situation into a positive one for our families. I hope that all of you have a blessed extended spring break. If you are traveling or if you are staying home please be safe and take the necessary precautions to keep your families safe and healthy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your patience, prayers and support as we do our best to navigate these challenging times. May God watch over and protect us always.

May God bless you and May God bless Holy Name!

Joseph L. Carlson