Hi all. First off, thanks to everyone… especially our players for another great boys basketball season. Both teams played their hearts out this year, and they should be very proud of their success.

Parents, thanks for all your help and support throughout the season. I love the enthusiasm that everyone at Holy Name has for school sports. It is definitely worth cherishing and nurturing in these times of travel and club sports. Also, a shoutout to Brian Parlato for all the time he gave to the boys helping coach during practice and during games.

So, for our end of season, we will finally be doing pictures…. Monday, December 19th after school. Then we’ll have a pizza party for the players until about 4:30… then we’d like to have a parents (moms and dads) vs. players basketball game until at least 6pm. (We might stand a chance after they’re full of pizza and pop). Nobody needs to bring anything, it’s just to have some fun… thx again. See you all on the 19th.

Go Crusaders!