Dear Family,
Today on the feast of All Souls Day, please be assured that I will be offering a Rosary for all of the diseased members of your families. Fr. Emmet Norden also passed away over the weekend so please keep him, his family, friends and brother priests in your prayers as they mourn the loss of this man of God.
There was certainly an increase of students that are being quarantined due to being close contacts of individuals. We also have a couple that are showing symptoms that are being tested. These cases that were brought to my attention were close contacts to either family, friends or coworkers outside of school. I don’t have any new positive school-related cases to report today.
We do have two teachers that are out of school today. Mrs. Prey (Middle School Teacher) was experiencing some symptoms over the weekend and was tested on Sunday. She should receive her results on Wednesday. If the results are negative and as long as she is feeling better, she will be back in school on Thursday. Mrs. Lightfoot (3rd Grade Teacher) is also out today. Her husband tested positive on Sunday for COVID. He is considered contagious for 14 days. After those 14 days, Mrs. Lightfoot will have to remain in quarantine for an additional 14 days. Both Mrs. Prey and Mrs. Lightfoot will be teaching from home.
Let’s pray that these families have a speedy recovery and are back with us as soon as possible.
This week, teachers will be setting up virtual parent/teacher conferences with all of you. To allow time for these conferences we will have a half day of school on both Thursday and Friday of this week. Pick-up times will be at 12:15 for Pre-School and RK and 12:30 for K-8th grade. Busses will be running as well.
May God bless your day!