Dear Family,
I hope that everyone is looking forward to the three day weekend coming up starting tomorrow!
Today, I was informed that we have a staff member that tested positive for COVID-19. This staff member has not been in school since Friday, October 2nd. This individual was a close contact of someone outside of our school. This staff member was not in close contact with any students and therefore no classes need to be quarantined at this time. The staff member is feeling good with minimal to no symptoms.
I really appreciate what our school family is doing to keep our school open and to limit the quarantines should someone test positive of COVID-19. We are going to keep persevering through this together.
Good can come out of even the worst of situations. I believe that many would agree that this is not a good situation. No one wants these restrictions. No one wants anyone to be sick. We all want to get back to what was normal a year ago. However, I have seen some good come from this. I have seen people praying more. I have seen people realize how much they value people and relationships. I have seen people making an effort to show appreciation and patience for others. I have witnessed people putting aside their concern for themselves to serve and care for others. I have seen families spend more time than ever before with each other.
There is beauty in the midst of this chaos. Take time to look for it this weekend. It is all around us!
God bless,