Dear Family,
Today, I don’t have any new cases of COVID to report that were in school. However, we did have a pre-school parent in Mrs. Wiltzius’ class that tested positive yesterday. Their child stayed home today and will be getting tested as a precaution. We should receive the results over the weekend sometime. If the test comes back positive, I will be sure to let you know.
As we look to next week, it is amazing to think that we are 25% of our way through the school year. It could be COVID, it could be my age, or a combination of both, but this first quarter has flown by! We have certainly experienced some bumps along the road and I’m sure that we will continue to do so but we are still here! Please join me in offering a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord for that fact.
Unfortunately, we will not be able to host our annual All Saints Festival this year. It does not mean that we can’t still celebrate ALL of the saints! Please remember that Halloween is really the “eve” of All Saints Day! Similar to how Christmas Eve is just the eve of Jesus’ birthday!
May God bless you and your home with a restful weekend!