Dear Family,

Last night it was brought to our attention that we had one student in 6th grade who tested positive for COVID. I had done some preliminary contact tracing last week and no one, based on my interviews, was considered a close contact to this student.

Starting on Monday, November 16th, Escanaba Area Public Schools (EAPS), grades 6th-12th, will be going to a hybrid model. About half the students will be in person and the other half will be learning virtually for two days and then they will switch. All EAPS students in grades 6th-12th will be online for Fridays. The Upper Elementary, Lemmer and Webster buildings will be operating as normal during this time. This schedule will remain until Christmas break. We will continue to operate as usual and busses will continue to run during this time.

The exception to this schedule for EAPS will be on Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday November 24th, the whole EAPS district will be virtual learning. Our plan is to continue in-person instruction for these two days before Thanksgiving break. Both of these days will be parent transport days to and from school as the busses will not be running.

Thank you for your support and God bless,