Dear Family,

There are no COVID cases to report today.

Today, effective immediately, we were informed that in an effort to remain consistent with other local health departments throughout the Upper Peninsula and State of Michigan, we will be moving back to 10 day quarantines. People will be free to resume their normal activities after day 10, but will need to continue to self-monitor for symptoms between days 11-14. This will also apply to our students and staff who are currently quarantined.

This weekend, we celebrate Mother’s Day! Where would we be without our mothers? I want to thank all of the mother’s for saying “YES” to life because your children are a gift and I feel blessed to know each and every one of them. I pray that all of our moms, expecting moms, and grandmas and the neighborhood moms, to have a blessed Mother’s Day as we celebrate your very important vocation to our world!

Have a great weekend!